Funding a creative study path

The creative industry is an open platform for individuals to express themselves. However funding one’s study path can range from scholarships, bursaries, grants, self financing (working to pay for your studies), financing from family – friends - parents/guardians – private funder, student loans and government aided student loans. The lists of options are there and being creative about your student funding is not to be frowned upon. Some people even use Crowd Sourcing to fund their studies – true story!

Due to popular demand we searched for some of the planets most awesome Design Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries that are on offer! It is good to note that most recognised design schools have student financial aid systems in place so make sure that you contact them to find out what options they have in place to assist your study process in terms of fee payment. Further don’t forget to make sure that the institution you would like to study at is properly accredited!

South Africa

Open Window School of Visual Communication: Cool name for a creative institution which according to its website was founded in 1992. They have various scholarships and bursaries on offer to help students with their tuition fees!

Vega School of Brand Leadership has implemented a system based on academic performance. Simple and educationally rewarding!

The Inscape Education Group offers an annual bursary scheme.

North America

The New School: based in New York the design school called Parsons is world famous and have opened a campus in Paris. You can visit the New School website for various scholarships and grants they have on offer in their student financial services section.

The Art Institutes: Is an institution that has over 50 schools throughout North America in the field of Media Arts, Fashion, Design and Culinary ! They have put together a full guide of Scholarships available for the industries that offer qualifications in. Awesome and proactive!

Savannah College of Art and Design: Founded in 1978 their campus reach has branched out from Savannah their original campus to Atlanta also in the state of Georgia. They have also have campuses and location setups in Hong Kong and in Lacoste (France) – super awesome! Their E-learning setup allows students to engage with their curriculum from anywhere on the planet! They have a full section for financial aid for their students which includes various options in terms of bursaries, grants and various alternative financial support structures.

The University of Pennsylvania School of Design: With a strong university heritage PennDesign is a well put together design unit. Their breakdown of financial aid options for students which includes a scholarship breakdown is clearly explained.


DesignSingapore- National Design Centre: Powered by the DesignSingapore Council a division of the Ministry of Communications and Information – this is Singapore’s platform for design! The setup has a number of options to finance design studies through both study grants and scholarships.


Academy of Design Australia: according to their website the institution was founded in 1998 has various study options and qualifications on offer in the Design industry. Check out their section about FEE-HELP and financial assistance.

Propel: A very cool setup in the Western Australia region which is focused on supporting the broad development of the Arts sector. Check out their full breakdown of Grants available includes offerings in the creative industry.

New Zealand

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design has been around for over 30 years. With a diverse amount of design qualifications, they also offer scholarships focussed on excellence and outstanding achievement according to their website!  

NZQA: Has scholarship offerings for Design and Visual Communication and Visual Arts!  

United Kingdom

University of the Arts London: Top class institution with an awesome website! They have a full breakdown of their student funding options which includes scholarships.