By Yashivan Govender
When the world hits an economic crisis one can only call on the abilities of a superhero. They tend to grapple life with extremities that can only make reality look all too simple. From a super intelligent and wealthy man made of Iron, to an Army solider that protected a nation with a Shield and of course the Thought provoking antics of one Professor Xavier…these super powered individuals have taken an alternate route in managing an economic crisis!

Iron Man also known as Tony Stark: Rich, sophisticated with an attitude to match his wealth, his is of the nature to go big and bold during a recession! He is a business on his own and to counter a recession he starts and develops enterprises. Smart and wise, Stark shows that it takes good business sense with some technical knowledge to provide the world with a head on solution for tough economic times. Throw in a suit of armour that converts him into an all in one powerful superhero and you can now balance the stresses that come with running your own business. Yes…Iron Man is the ultimate balanced Businessman!

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MarvelCaptain America (Steve Rodgers): had a career as a solider and a policeman! Though he ran around with a Shield in his past time, it is his protecting of civilians as an officer of the law that is always needed, especially in times when people become desperate as a result of an economic recession. His persona as Captain America shows an evolution of his career choice and provides some form of hope for aspiring law enforcers, who also may want to carry a shield and protect a nation!

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Professor X (Charles Xavier): Wheelchair bound and still able to start his own school! Sure it was specialised for mutants but the point is by educating the youth, you are empowering them to become wise enough to counter an economic recession. With PhD’s in genetics, biophysics, psychology and anthropology, throw in a M.D. in psychiatry and you have a man well and truly setting a high standard for academics not just in his school but all around the world.

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Sure its super cool to be able to have superpowers, but even superhero’s know that if you can create, protect and educate you can counter an economic recession.
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