No this is not an ABBA song…

Financial companies are like most businesses - however the commodity they work with is money - instead of cans of deodorant! Covering sectors of investment banking, retail banking, trading, insurance, mergers and acquisitions - you name it, if there is money involved then there is some major financial institution behind it!

A rapid paced environment, which at times can be extremely stressful and harsh! However the pay off is good - with hard work and commitment - working in the Financial industry can be extremely rewarding.

A business or financial qualification is always beneficial along with relevant experience in the industry. Some companies will train individuals into the field that they wish to specialize in. At the end of the day - it is really about being able to make and service money.

Various Finance Companies to work for:

Deutsche Bank
Alan Gray
J.P. Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank One
Bank of America
HSBC Group
ING Group
Berkshire Hathaway
Standard Bank
Standard Chartered Bank

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