Where knowledge is documented on a classic level and promoted by the publishing industry - this is a true representation of information and literature. An industry of imagination and conceptual thinking it has now expanded into the online space.

A qualification in media, publishing and literature generally puts individuals on the correct track. However as in all businesses this industry is made up of various specialized individuals that help to turn it's wheels.

Popular companies in this industry:

Penguin Random House
Pan Macmillan
Random House
HarperCollins Publishers
Little Brown
Orion Publishing
Atlantic Books
Bloomsbury Publishing
Simon & Schuster
Hodder & Stoughton
New Holland Publishers

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Shakespeare in Love: Lots of Academy Awards and involves the tale of the Young Shakespeare!  

Finding Neverland: The story of author Sir James Mathew Barrie and how he came about to write the tales of Peter Pan.

Finding Forrester: Probably the most inspiring of all movies on this list! Sean Connery plays a famous writer William Forrester who mentors a young scholar.