ahh Sinatra - you have got to love it!

This industry is fast paced! From travel agencies to airlines throw in a few cruise liners and you on your way to a seeing the world one country at a time! Next stop of course - the moon and yes becoming a space tourist is now a possibility!

The great thing about the travel industry is that it accommodates a lot of people from various backgrounds and expertise. From pilots, medical professionals, yachtmasters, cabin crew and just to throw it out there Astronauts, the world and we guess the moon is at your feet!

The Airlines:

Singapore Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Air New Zealand
Etihad Airways
Delta Air Lines
United Airlines
Air France
Virgin Atlantic
SAS Scandinavian Airlines
South African Airways
Swiss International Air Lines
Turkish Airlines

Travel Agencies:

Flight Centre
STA Travel
Thomas Cook
Student Flights

Cruise Liners and Cruise Liner operators:

SeaDream Yacht Club
Silversea Cruises
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Royal Caribbean
Disney Cruise Line
Carnival Cruise Line
Starlight Cruises

Space Travel:

Virgin Galatic

Related films to watch:

View from the Top, a bit girly but it gives you an insight into the world of travel.

Catch Me If You Can, probably not the best examples of becoming a pilot but a good fun movie nonetheless!