Inspired by the film - Empire Records

You are standing up and rocking to the music of “Video Killed the Radio Star” - you are jamming “out loud” on your air guitar and then this dull tapping sound starts to drum to the beat that is playing in your head. No it’s not your fictional band’s drummer, it is actually the customer in the music store where you work trying to get your attention! With the puzzled customer looking strangely at you, you rapidly tuck in your shirt and jump off the store counter, as you gleefully smile and say “Good morning Sir, how can I be of service?”…Welcome to the rocking world of retail - which are evolving into the world of online stores as well!

Anyone really! From store clerks to head office management, it is an industry that is leveraged off a retail sphere and is backed by a strong corporate support structure.

Retail Music Stores (The ones that sell records, DVD’s and that sort of stuff!)

Virgin Mega Stores  

Retail Food stores: (Yip where we get fast food, coffee and the like…)

Starbucks Corporation
Burger King

Retail Book Stores: (Reading is good for you!)

Barnes and Noble

Clothing Retail Stores:

The Gap Inc.

Pharmaceutical Retail Stores:

Alliance Boots

Multi purpose Retail stores:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Winn-Dixie Stores Inc.
Marks & Spencer

South African Retail Groups (Basically have multiple retail stores):

Clicks Group
The Foschini Group (TFG)
Mass Mart
Mr Price Group Limited

Related films to watch:

Empire Records, It’s got the cast, it’s got the script and most of all it has the location! A must see film and the soundtrack is oh so awesome as well.