LEGO® toys can best be described as being the creation of worlds within a world. It has been years of development, technology and endless fun, which engulfed the planet with the building blocks of imagination. Superheroes, zoos, cities, airports, harbours, construction vehicles, sports cars and throw in the odd Jedi and Ninja - the LEGO Group’s ambition of being a company which helps furnish one’s childhood and even adulthood as a tool of creative thinking has achieved wonders. In actual fact it has gone beyond comprehension and into a galaxy of unlimited potential.

©The LEGO Group, 2012, Used by permission
©The LEGO Group, 2012, Used by permission
So how did a company with something as simple as a dimpled plastic toy block become a global household product?
In a time where the financial transparency of companies and the world’s budget exists, the LEGO Group has kept resilient. The offering though quite literally robust was still dynamic enough to ride out anything the world threw at it. Crafting a company of such a nature takes time and smart thinking. From the onset the LEGO Group has developed products which quite simply have outsmarted a lot of companies. Bridging gaps with companies like DC Comics and George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise is not just an example of product expansion but rather a sharp way of a driving a market forward. It takes a passionate and knowledgeable team as such to pull that off.

The history of the LEGO Group stems from the 1930’s and seems to be shifting towards the yellow brick road of longevity. It has become a company whereby individuals are jumping up and down to say pick me I want to work at the LEGO Group!
“Worldwide we are at the end of 2011 approximately 10.000 employees globally. We have sales offices in more than 35 countries, and manufacturing in Mexico, Hungary and Czech Republic as well as in Denmark. In Denmark there are approximately 3300 employees.” says Roar Rude Trangbæk, Communications Manager at the LEGO Group.
“Approximately a third in production – the remaining employees are a mix of office workers supporting the business, marketing employees and not least LEGO designers that develop new products. We have approximately 160 designers employed in Billund, who come up with the new products and work with graphical designs.”
Companies are now becoming market leaders in the organization of internal infrastructure based on how the public perceives them and the LEGO Group is no exception. In fact it is one of the frontrunners in this, and why not, so many individuals on the planet have been exposed to the LEGO name in some way - or shape for that matter!
By expanding their reach outside of the physical toy realm and into the platforms of movies, literature and digital media, they have grown their product along with the trends of the world.
Furthermore Roar explains that “Being a full-value chain company, we hire a huge variety of backgrounds, levels, trades, all ages and nationalities, so it is very hard to pinpoint any type of profile we hire most.” - says this is awesome as they consider a wide spectrum of skilled labour!
The LEGO Group naturally also engages with the fresh approach of grad programs and internships, Roar put’s forward “We run a few graduates programs in our biggest business units, Operations and Marketing – where we hire and task people globally. Looking forward, we plan for graduate initiatives with an Asian focus. Internships are decided by each location, in some – like Germany – we did a lot, in other markets we do very few.”
All in all the LEGO Group is a company that allows it’s employees to build dream concepts and explore imaginative ideas, and just like the Internet there are no right or wrong answers but rather just awesome fun.
Who knows they might just launch a LEGO corporate product for the consumer to learn the ways of the business world by building a corporate empire…out of LEGO bricks (which of course they have already done, check out Lego Serious Play!). See even your imagination runs wild while writing/reading about the LEGO Group.
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Many thanks to the Lego Group for information and images provided (©The LEGO Group, 2012, Used by permission)