Top 3 of 2013 – a Company, a Brand and an Employer!

Who is getting it right? Yip, it’s the players in the Communications and Logistics sectors.
A brand, a company and an employer are powering a global impact in the modern workforce.  
With a number of companies struggling to retain or hire – there are still those whom are growing.  Pace setters who are setting up sustainable business structures to handle economic changes. This means handling new talent such as young grads who are full of ideas and ambition. Along with managing and retaining seasoned experts/staff that can help steady a corporate in trouble waters.

With so much hype on the popularity of the digital world and the fast movements of the World Wide Web. The planets real business sectors have steadily illustrated that they don’t have to flex their muscles just yet. Instead they can carry on being superpowers of their own by sticking to their true business nature. Welcome to the real world – where tangible is currency – welcome to big business!


Orange – The digitization of communication (modern brand meets traditional business)
The vision of traditional telecommunications companies have seen the relevance in creating and using a modern business brand to engage with an increasingly demanding consumer market.  
The basics of the telecommunications industry has changed. Telephones are no longer what they were and neither is communication.  Orange is representing a modern era of this industry. Through technology, business solutions, recruitment and global expansions.
It is a powerhouse of global communication!
Find out more about Orange on their official website. Along with details of its history and careers within their business.  

DHL – A postal service that became a global network on steroids!  
DHL is spread over 220 countries and territories worldwide. This is THE global company – with a workforce of over 285 000. Their involvement in youth development with Go Teach and the global electric racing series Formula E illustrates that this is not just a postal company but a logistics company with foresight. Or a postal company on steroids!  
Further their jump into environmental support was highlighted by their delivery of a number Gorillas back into a natural habitat. Proving the logistics behind environmental conservation is just as needed as in any other sector. The classic example, that every logistical solution can be catered for!
Find out more about DHL on their official website and more about careers within their global setup.  

A.P. MOLLER - MAERSK GROUP - a network of business powered by a global workforce!
The Maersk Group employs around 121 000 employees worldwide. Generating a business model of sustainability and innovation in the fields of Oil, Gas and Shipping.  
They have stamped the planet with a robust and savvy brand. However it is that need for an international workforce that sets them as a benchmark leader in employment!
Find out more on their official website and a breakdown of career opportunities at the group.
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