The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is an industrial giant when it comes to toys and imagination.

The brand itself ranges from toys which literally start with single piece plastic bricks to things as far out as movies, video games and theme parks, their brand expansion is the foundation of success. As the group continues to grow, brick by brick and one awesome idea at a time, things could just get so much bigger...

“The LEGO Group does not actually own and operate LEGOLAND parks around the world. LEGOLAND parks were sold in 2005 to Merlin Entertainmens – KIRKBI A/S who owns 75% of the LEGO Group owns 29.9% of the shares of Merlin Entertainments. The LEGO Movie is actually not made by the LEGO Group, but by WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC.” - The LEGO Group
Sources: The official LEGO® website ( and the LEGO Group careers page (  
1. Is the company global: Yes, very global and if possible galactic! (2 points)
2. In which talent sectors does the company employ from: The company covers a vast and dynamic mix of careers. Sales, design, technology, the list goes on! (3 points)
3. Internships and/or Graduate Programs: Yes – could be bigger. (2 points)
4. Experienced and fresh talent: There is a mix of hiring fresh graduate/qualified talent and experienced talent. (2 points)
5. Does the company have a social responsibility programs? Yes. (2 points)
6. Does the company have a student financial aid program? No. (0 points)
The LEGO Group
Side note: The LEGO Group partners with a lot of brands, companies and setups. The group was recently put under the spotlight by Greenpeace for its partnership with Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell). At the same time though, its links with superhero brands like DC Comics and Marvel have become iconic.
Oh, and by the way, there is a whole LEGO STAR WARS™ range which you really can’t argue against. You know, Jedi mind tricks and everything.
Ranking - 11 out of 13 = 8.5 out of ten
*Image credit: The LEGO Group

Top Companies Ranking Criteria
Max points 13
Yes - 2 Points
No - 0 Points
N/A - Not Applicable
1. Is the company global – does an employee have the capacity to gain global experience - Yes or No
2. Employment - Yes or No for one of the three below
2.1 Does the company hire streamlined specialized individuals only (i.e. only Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers etc). 1 point
2.2 Does the company do both - i.e. specialised with support and additional staff. 2 points
2.3 Does the company hire a broad spectrum of talent. 3 points
3. Does the company have an internship and/or a graduate program? Yes or No
4. Is there a mix of hiring fresh graduate talent and experienced talent? Yes or No
5. Does the company have a social awareness program targeting sectors in environmental, social community welfare, cultural awareness, education, sport or business development? Yes or No
6. Does the company have a student financial aid program? Yes or No