Pernod Ricard the global business of wines and spirits

Pernod Ricard the global business of wines and spirits *Image Source: Pernod Ricard

A business ignited in France that dates as far back as 1805! However it was only in 1975 that Pernod Ricard was officially formed, creating a bigger setup that stems 80 countries worldwide and is home to 18,000 employees! Welcome to the global business of wines and spirits!

Sources: Official website (and an awesome one at that too!) and the careers site - "...not only the place to browse and apply to our job openings, but also a comprehensive platform that presents our commitments as a committed employer." - Pernod Ricard

1. Is the company global: Yes between their operational and brand reach they have a strong global presence. (2 points)
2. In which talent sectors does the company employ from: As a global company they employ a large variety of individuals including experts in the field of oenology! (3 points)
3. Internships and/or Graduate Programs: Yes, check out (2 points)
4. Experienced and fresh talent: Yes they hire both. (2 points)
5. Does the company have a social responsibility programs? Yes. (2 points)
6. Does the company have a student financial aid program? Yes. ( 2 points)

Side note: An oenologist is an individual who has studied the science, processes, makings and workings of wine and winemaking. The Alcohol industry (like many other global ones) will always spark debate - Pernod Ricard has created a solid balance with their business, brands and employee relevance. Further they have a strong position in terms of the awareness in the responsible consumption of alcohol.

Ranking - 13 out of 13 = 10 out of ten

Top Companies Ranking Criteria
Max points 13
Yes - 2 Points
No - 0 Points
N/A - Not Applicable

1. Is the company global – does an employee have the capacity to gain global experience - Yes or No

2. Employment - Yes or No for one of the three below
2.1 Does the company hire streamlined specialized individuals only (i.e. only Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers etc). 1 point
2.2 Does the company do both - i.e. specialised with support and additional staff. 2 points
2.3 Does the company hire a broad spectrum of talent. 3 points

3. Does the company have an internship and/or a graduate program? Yes or No

4. Is there a mix of hiring fresh graduate talent and experienced talent? Yes or No

5. Does the company have a social awareness program targeting sectors in environmental, social community welfare, cultural awareness, education, sport or business development? Yes or No

6. Does the company have a student financial aid program? Yes or No