Did Lexus just shake up the automotive market – we believe so! - Image credit Lexus

Did Lexus just shake up the automotive market – we believe so! - Image credit Lexus

When an automotive manufacturer takes a concept made popular by Steven Spielberg and develops it into reality. The mind will wonder further as to whether the creation of a time machine may be around the corner.

Taking it down a notch from time travel, Lexus, the Toyota subsidiary has brought out the aptly named SLIDE project. This project has generated the Lexus Hoverboard and the great thing is that it actually works!

The project is still in its early stages, however the idea that a new mode of transportation can be achieved through this should shake up the transport market. After all Toyota is not a small business seeking funding to kick start its project – it is a giant with resources to match and worth taking seriously.

If the concept run under the banner of the Amazing in Motion campaign by Lexus, doesn’t go the distance, marketing exposure aside, it should get other players to start generating similar or bigger concepts. Lexus hasn’t simply pulled off a cool project to entertain ´Back to the Future` fans further, they have figuratively thrown down the gauntlet to the global transport industry. It takes a small example like this to either stimulate or propel a market forward. If battery powered vehicles are the current trend and hovering from point to point is conceivable, the question is what is next and what can the automotive industry contribute.

Lexus Hoverboard (image credit Lexus)Lexus Hoverboard (image credit Lexus)

Lexus Hoverboard (image credit Lexus)

The Lexus Hoverboard has taken skateboarding, and made it into a wheel-less, transportation mechanism. Stemming from Japan to Germany and even working with pro skateboarder Ross McGouran as their test pilot, this project has been anticipated well before Lexus took it on.

Nevertheless the fact that it is now more of a reality than a Hollywood-hyped concept provides a curious glimpse into the future of travel.