Girl with Peepoo in Kibera Photo credit: Peepoople/Camilla Wirseen

Girl with Peepoo in Kibera Photo credit: Peepoople/Camilla Wirseen

2014 Company of the Year
As the planet’s best of the best companies challenge each other for market share and are racing to space (Branson, Musk etc), some companies have gone back to the basics. Instead of driving unbelievable technology advancements, smart companies are trying to save the world by reinforcing its foundations.

Björn Borg

They brought about funk, colour and an extreme sense to underwear! Stemmed from the name of a tennis legend their global growth and market impact has been well received.

The LEGO Group

The LEGO Group is an industrial giant when it comes to toys and imagination.

The brand itself ranges from toys which literally start with single piece plastic bricks to things as far out as movies, video games and theme parks, their brand expansion is the foundation of success. As the group continues to grow, brick by brick and one awesome idea at a time, things could just get so much bigger...

The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage company –and the website doesn’t shy away from telling us that. It is recognized as one of the first companies to extend its brand globally.

Top 3 of 2013 – a Company, a Brand and an Employer!

Who is getting it right? Yip, it’s the players in the Communications and Logistics sectors.
A brand, a company and an employer are powering a global impact in the modern workforce.  
With a number of companies struggling to retain or hire – there are still those whom are growing.  Pace setters who are setting up sustainable business structures to handle economic changes. This means handling new talent such as young grads who are full of ideas and ambition. Along with managing and retaining seasoned experts/staff that can help steady a corporate in trouble waters.