The business of bicycle fashion and safety

What was initially a submission as an Industrial Design Masters thesis in 2005, brought about the business now called Hövding which means “….chief/chieftain/leader in Swedish” says Terese Alstin one of the two founding members of Hövding. “We wanted to choose a Swedish word to show the origin of the product.” Terese continues.

With compatriot Anna Haupt, the two Swedes created a business that tackles bicycle safety with the flavour of fashion. Something that was desperately needed in the market place.

What does the game of tennis, Sweden and underwear have in common? Well contrary to belief those are interrelated when talking about the legendary Swedish tennis superstar Björn Borg.

Björn Borg
Following his rise to fame on the tennis court and his icon fashion trends, the Björn Borg fashion brand was born. Smart, sophisticated and unbelievably out the box, it is a fashion label that does not at all hint the prim and proper designs of Wimbledon. So how does a former tennis champion and icon, lead the way in European fashion and especially with a focus on underpants, you might ask?

“Team players”, “leaders”, “intelligent”, “smart”, “fun”, “exciting”…the list of pay off lines that are used by companies to entice young individuals into graduate recruitment programs (Grad program), are and will always be endless. However what does it mean to enter into a grad program and what should individuals be looking for when applying or choosing a program that best suits them?

Firstly what is a graduate recruitment program?

It is basically the bridging system between university/college and a corporate career. Simple as that, everything you need to know or how to work in a particular company should be done during your time in a grad program…or a corporate preparatory program if you may refer it to it that way.

LEGO® toys can best be described as being the creation of worlds within a world. It has been years of development, technology and endless fun, which engulfed the planet with the building blocks of imagination. Superheroes, zoos, cities, airports, harbours, construction vehicles, sports cars and throw in the odd Jedi and Ninja - the LEGO Group’s ambition of being a company which helps furnish one’s childhood and even adulthood as a tool of creative thinking has achieved wonders. In actual fact it has gone beyond comprehension and into a galaxy of unlimited potential.

©The LEGO Group, 2012, Used by permission
©The LEGO Group, 2012, Used by permission
So how did a company with something as simple as a dimpled plastic toy block become a global household product?
In a time where the financial transparency of companies and the world’s budget exists, the LEGO Group has kept resilient. The offering though quite literally robust was still dynamic enough to ride out anything the world threw at it. Crafting a company of such a nature takes time and smart thinking. From the onset the LEGO Group has developed products which quite simply have outsmarted a lot of companies. Bridging gaps with companies like DC Comics and George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise is not just an example of product expansion but rather a sharp way of a driving a market forward. It takes a passionate and knowledgeable team as such to pull that off.

Ever seen a brand or a product and thought to yourself:” wow that would have been a great company to have been a part of from the beginning”? From soft drinks and  technology to even sneakers, there is a story behind it all. Can you just imagine if you had been there from the beginning, what a career your life would have had!

It is however never too late and who knows if you good enough and carrying a mental board saying “hire me!” you may just get a place in one such companies.