With economies of change and harsh financial climates, companies tend to tread softly these days. Not wanting to make false business moves, the global economic recession has seen companies not grow or deplete but rather diffuse into a state of survival mode. It’s a scary thought, that a phase of survival mode has become the way forward and the reluctance to grow or move forward has become the norm. Gone are the days where the business world was seen as the raw untamed type of wild west, where cash and debt where quite simply a bank telephone call away. Questions are being asked and their answers need to be found, spinning the global business and working sector into a spiral of uncertainty.

Inspired by the film - Empire Records

You are standing up and rocking to the music of “Video Killed the Radio Star” - you are jamming “out loud” on your air guitar and then this dull tapping sound starts to drum to the beat that is playing in your head. No it’s not your fictional band’s drummer, it is actually the customer in the music store where you work trying to get your attention! With the puzzled customer looking strangely at you, you rapidly tuck in your shirt and jump off the store counter, as you gleefully smile and say “Good morning Sir, how can I be of service?”…Welcome to the rocking world of retail - which are evolving into the world of online stores as well!

Anyone really! From store clerks to head office management, it is an industry that is leveraged off a retail sphere and is backed by a strong corporate support structure.

Companies that do everything and anything! Probably some of the coolest companies around as they are open to various business opportunities!

People from all over the work spectrum, you could even have an Engineering degree specializing in Mechatronics (yes there is such a thing!). These are definitely the types of companies that will be looking for people to fill special needs or requirements!

ahh Sinatra - you have got to love it!

This industry is fast paced! From travel agencies to airlines throw in a few cruise liners and you on your way to a seeing the world one country at a time! Next stop of course - the moon and yes becoming a space tourist is now a possibility!

The great thing about the travel industry is that it accommodates a lot of people from various backgrounds and expertise. From pilots, medical professionals, yachtmasters, cabin crew and just to throw it out there Astronauts, the world and we guess the moon is at your feet!

Where knowledge is documented on a classic level and promoted by the publishing industry - this is a true representation of information and literature. An industry of imagination and conceptual thinking it has now expanded into the online space.

A qualification in media, publishing and literature generally puts individuals on the correct track. However as in all businesses this industry is made up of various specialized individuals that help to turn it's wheels.