By definition - telecommunication includes television, radio and of course telephone communication. However with the growth of technology and media, it seems that television and radio networks are seen more as media companies these days. Putting that aside and using definitions as a guide line to work with, this is definitely an industry that is action packed and filled with exciting new developments. The growth of telecommunications means that new developments and trends are just around the corner - combining both communication and content into single interactive platforms!

Most telecommunication companies have a diverse network of employees, ranging from marketing, call centre employees, journalists, IT experts, accountants and even lawyers! This is really dependant on the company itself.

Commercial, shipping, courier, postal, freight - you name it - they will deliver it and you for that matter. The transport and logistics industry is huge and brings about different modes of transport to get objects and individuals from point A to point B!

Basically this industry has a huge need for people from various specialist fields - for example - pilots, drivers, accountants, logistics specialists etc. It is a global industry that shortens the distance from point A to point B.

or in the words of Thierry Henry “VA Va Voom”…

Motor vehicles are products that are here to stay. Be it on a conceptual perspective whereby in the future we use hovering vehicles or some other mad evolution of the motor car. The idea of a single vehicle being used to transport individuals or objects will always have a need!

The media industry is used to communicate with the public or specified individuals with use of various mediums, i.e. television, radio, magazines, newspapers, the internet etc. The content that is published or broadcast is the crucial aspect of the company. It is an awesome industry that is extremely trendy and full of exciting new opportunities. Opportunities are vast and diverse, from sales executives, producers and journalists - the list of job roles in media companies can run on for a bit.

A consulting firm is often outsourced by a company to address or find a solution to a specified need or problem. The idea is that a company will find it more viable to outsource and use a consultancy to facilitate their needs. It is one of the few industries that provides individuals with the ability to interact with various sectors of business.