To boldly go where no one else but engineers will go, oh…and maybe some Geologists! The Engineering industry is a mixed bag of various sectors, from mining, to energy, to construction, to mechanics etc. It’s an industry of precision, intelligence and lateral thinking!

These companies look for engineers on a regular basis, however there are other aspects of the business that may need individuals from other specialized fields, i.e. legal, accounting etc. Oh yes and not to forget Geologists!

No this is not an ABBA song…

Financial companies are like most businesses - however the commodity they work with is money - instead of cans of deodorant! Covering sectors of investment banking, retail banking, trading, insurance, mergers and acquisitions - you name it, if there is money involved then there is some major financial institution behind it!

A rapid paced environment, which at times can be extremely stressful and harsh! However the pay off is good - with hard work and commitment - working in the Financial industry can be extremely rewarding.

A big debate the editorial team had whilst trying to sub categorize this industry and make sure there was no overlapping here. The Information Technology (IT) industry is defined as being the combination of the installation and expansion of computer systems and applications (extremely broad but this industry is huge!).

FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods - deodorant cans, ice creams, hair gel, basically stuff you can buy off the shelves at the local supermarket. It is a big industry to be involved in, with big players, diverse opportunities and global reach. The FMCG industry is definitely a trendy and an awesome one to be apart of!

Despite what most people think about lawyers being tough and ruthless, it is really a powerful industry. Knowing the law and being able to put it into practice is awesome. The studying can be heart breaking but reading for a degree in law is definitely up there as a huge accomplishment - well at least once you finish the degree that is. The areas vary from private practice, corporate law, maritime law etc.