Jamie Foxx is someone that proves a bit of hard work, intelligence and working smart can lead to success. From small beginnings Jamie has shown that never giving up can lead you from dreaming a goal to living the dream!

Starting as a stand up comedian, to working his way through television and now one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Jamie is definitely an example of how to make it happen. Its shows that if you have a lot of guts, determination and ambition you can reach the top.
However, working smart is how Jamie became successful. The man is able to commit himself as a comedian, a well-driven actor and a singer who is able to sustain a substantial amount of time on MTV’s play list. Proving that if one can master skills and talents in various fields, you can enter your respective profession with the armoury that gives the individual the edge above the competition.
Its people like Jamie that makes you sit back and say, “now that’s a guy who has what it takes!”  It’s great that there are real people in the world who believe that reaching dreams is a possibility. With a number of awards flying his way and an Oscar to top it off, the man is not stopping, well not just yet anyway. Jamie is using his skills to the fullest and making sure that his career and name will last in the minds of the present and the future.
Jamie Foxx is tackling the entertainment world and showing real people how to make it big in an almost unreal world.
To put it simply, “Nice One, Jamie!”