Sport has been surrounded by the age old tales of past mentors who set the bench marks for all forms of this global-physical culture. Names like Gary Sobers, Jack Nicklaus, Diego Maradona, Bjorn Borg, Pele, Juan Manuel Fangio, etc are used on a regular basis to describe the highest forms of sporting culture. However as time goes on young, flamboyant and talented individuals are rewriting history.

Creating higher levels of competition and increasing the popularity of their respective sports. These individuals are the new age legends, the second phase of sporting history! Okay cool, so we have a general understanding about the second phase and yes people know about Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher and Zidane. But what about the others, well we reckon there’s a few sporting disciplines that needs to get more airtime!
Cricket: Dominated by a history of aggressive change, cricket’s new legends have had to adapt faster than Carl Lewis out of the starting blocks. The new age legends of cricket haven’t even retired yet! However they are setting new records on a regular basis that their careers will be spoken about for the rest of cricketing history.
Brian Lara: The cricket world’s prince! Holds the records for the highest test and first class cricket scores, has an ability to single handedly destroy a bowling attack without breaking a sweat. He is currently ending his career but his efforts on the cricket field stand tall and handsome, he will always be remembered for his attacking style of play.
Sachin Tendulkar: The Little Maestro is the richest cricketer in the world! However he has generated his wealth from sporting talent rather than clever business skills! Tendulkar is known for dominating his countries batting line up and has the ability of batting through an innings with the greatest of ease. Making his debut for India at the tender age of 16, Tendulkar has stamped his name into cricketing history forever with fast-explosive innings that has impacted many a game. In 2002 Wisden named Tendulkar as the second greatest test batsman of all time! Not bad for a lad who is only 33 and still has a few years ahead of him.
Shane Warne: The original rebel of world cricket brought back the dying art of leg spin. Currently holds the record for the most amount of test wickets as he heads towards the twilight of his career. With a bowling technique that is of a classic nature, Warne will not only be remembered for his records on the field but also for his off the field media grabbing misfortunes! However that all adds up to his over the top greatness that will live throughout the future of cricket.

Steffi Graf: The lady who brought a new age to the old game! Steffi Graf became the female bench mark for woman’s tennis before she even retired. Picking up 21 Grand Slam titles, Graf introduced the ideology of power tennis to the woman’s game whilst being able to keep an overall substance of finesse. Graff opened the way for modern icons, allowing woman’s tennis to become a marketable industry.
Andre Agassi: The real deal of the modern Tennis Player, Agassi brought flair and colour to the game. Recently retired (the inspiration for this article), Agassi won eight Grand Slams , his rivalry with Pete Sampras will always be remembered as a major talking point in his career. Agassi leaves the Tennis world as a transformed innovator of the game, who will always be remembered for his comeback ability and hard hitting style. (FirstStep note: he is married to Steffi Graf, now those kids have some talented genes!)
Kelly Slater:The man who made surfing a global phenomenon.  Slater is seven times world champion and brought the popularity of Surfing to areas of the globe that didn’t even have beaches. With a career that is still booming Slater has paved the way for surfing to be taken seriously beyond the ideals of being an extreme sport but a sport of substance. Allowing individuals to pursue it in terms of a career.