Entering the working world is no easy task, rising challenges face many an individual looking to build their way through the ranks of corporate entities. At the same time strong performing corporations look to maintain and grow within relevant markets, Ernst & Young is one such corporation and employment is a relevant part of their development. FirstStep.me spoke to Ernst & Young (South Africa) human resources advisory division about the selection criteria and processes surrounding the hiring of Graduates.

Making the cut at Ernst & Young
Ernst & Young
What are the various graduate positions that Ernst & Young (South Africa) hires and what roles do these positions serve?
Graduates in PI, RISK - IA, AAS & ITRA. The graduates are provided with opportunities to learn through structured learning, on the job coaching and by being assigned a counselor who will be responsible to support their performance and learning. They will have structured roles and expectations which will be measured at the end of each project. When you are hired permanently without first having gone through an internship, the graduate receives all the benefits afforded to experienced hires.

What qualifications are best suited for these areas at Ernst & Young (South Africa)? 

PI (Performance Improvement)- post graduate diploma in management
RISK - Internal Audit - honours degree in IA
AAS (Actuarial Science) - honours degree
ITRA (IT, Risk and Assurance) - BCOM IS degree/Honours - will be enrolled in the IT academy through Rhodes university.
Therefore Ernst & Young is more than just accounting firm?
Definitely, we provide advisory services to clients in areas of PI, ITRA, AAS and IA. Our overall aim is to save our client's cost, improve performance and manage risk.
Are Graduates locked into an employment contract?
No, Some are offered internships while others are offered permanent employment contracts.
Can working through the South African division lead to international exposure?
100%, we manage clients across the globe who from time to time require skills from various part of the world and this can done through transfers, short-term mobility programs and through direct applications via our career website.
What types of individuals does Ernst & Young (South Africa) look for?
People who demonstrate integrity, respect and teaming. People with energy and the courage to lead. Also people who build relationships based on doing the right thing. Self managed, willing to learn, self driven and a winning attitude.
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Making the cut at Ernst & Young