In a time when presidents of countries have become more than just public representatives but rather CEO’s of countries, a career in politics has become both popular and at the same time competitive. Controversy aside, the political atmosphere is radiated with a number of opportunities and individuals seeking employment in the sector tend to wander through via the Political Science route.

About and where to study: Firstly Political Science is defined as the study of state, government and politics. Wikipedia has more on the topic. Most universities from around the world offer majors or courses in Political Science through their Social Sciences or Humanities departments, you can check out for the list of various institutions from around the world that offer politics.
Careers in Politics:
Political careers range through a vast range of jobs from government, research, journalism, parliamentarians, advisors and of course the big one…being the president!
Check out Go Abroad for their list of global internships in politics:
North America:
Check out, for available Political Science internships available in the USA.

The Council of Foreign Relations has a number of internships on offer in New York and Washington.

The South African Institute of International Affairs has a good list of internships available for students.
The website has a superb search facility for jobs and internships in the political sector (note: search under the title of NGO and Political)
Asia Society is an organisation that focus on relations between Asia and the USA, though the internships are mostly based in the USA its still worth a look.
Employment in the Politics field:
Local and National Government agencies and organisations along with Non Government Organisations hire and recruit political science students. Further Universities often recruit their own students to "carry the torch" and lecture. The key is to get online and search for opportunities in the country that you live or want to work in. One organisation in particular that has a strong global influence is Oxfam!
Political Science Scholarships and Grants:
Again check out various university political science departments websites on what scholarships and grants they have on offer.
So go out there and conquer the political world and who knows you could be the next world leader!