Taking the steps to becoming an Engineer!
If you go online and type in a Google search “a career as an engineer” you will find loads of information about becoming an engineer!
From an electronic engineer, to a mechatronic engineer to even an investigative engineer, there are tons of options in this industry. So if you like building, creating and making things work then this could be the field for you…your very own real life Lego world!

Let’s break it down:
According to Wikipedia, an Engineer is the professional practitioner of Engineering! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engineer
Where can you study Engineering: most universities have specific engineering departments that cater for various fields of this sector, visit www.firststep.me for a list of universities from around the planet under the section Global Universities.
Finance to study Engineering:
Also take a look at FirstStep.me’s student finance section for finance options available for individuals.
Types of Engineers:
Top Engineering Schools has a full breakdown of the industry and the various types of engineering careers that an individual can pursue!
The Engineering Industry: check out FirstStep.me’s breakdown of the industry, which includes engineering companies to work for!