The student job its there to pay for so many different things, from fees, travel and even social activities, it is so important to get the balance between study and work correct. Also ego's can take a bruising, because in a few years time you may be a high flying corporate executive or a fantastic lawyer, the key is to find a job that can help your ambitions in your future career! Here are seven student jobs with traits that can effectively boost your career:
1.Networking: The coffee shop assistant, learning to make coffee rocks, however it is possibly the best networking environment…if you can make good coffee you can make good friends! Check out Star Bucks.

2.The hard grafter: The Bartender, you do tend to have a hangover mixed with that horrible feeling of a sleepless night but the tips are good and majority of the time you have the whole day to yourself! Builds character and solid work ethic! Cocktail the Movie shows how its done!
3.Humility: The restaurant job, from the waiter/waitress to the kitchen helper and maybe if you are lucky the maitre d', its tough taking orders from others…but “Harden up!” says a certain Australian!
4.Leadership: The sports coach, the person in charge, training the troops and conquering the opposition, one tactic at a time.  
5.Knowledge: The Tutor, time to use your Yoda skills and teach those who don’t understand what you actually understand!
6.Time management: The Librarian, get paid to shelve books and have plenty of time to catch up on your studies!
7.Management: The student business start-up and why not?! Business is the best way to put your higher education theoretical knowledge to test, plus you can become the boss! Watch the movie The Social Network.
The great part of this is if you don’t pick up the traits, you will definitely know how to either make an awesome cup of coffee or a cocktail, correctly set a dinner table, become a jock, learn the Dewey Decimal System and of course find out more about the realms of the business world!