1. The basics, getting into a call centre rocks, it’s where people build careers and literally start from the bottom and work their way through to the top.
2. Communication, if you have the gift of the gab then this is the start, think call centre today…tomorrow your own talk show. Okay maybe not your own talk show…but you never know.  

3. Dealing with angry people, if you can handle a person who is not happy and you can spin them around, you are now preparing yourself for skills that will not only make you a stronger negotiator but a solid people’s person.
4. Knowledge management, because knowing more than the person on the other side of the phone is an ego boost.
5. In a day and age when computers and technology are gaining huge leverage on the modern day workforce, it’s always refreshing to hear a human voice at the end of the line that understands your problem and can help.   
6. Solving problems, if Clouseau, Holmes, Magnum and that lady on a bicycle from Murder She Wrote can solve problems why cant you…just imagine Adrian Monk (aka Tony Shalhoub) answering and solving problems in a call centre.