With only a few months remaining in the year, our 2010 series titled ten of the best continues with great gusto! Retail, yes an industry of sales, turnover and customer demand, it's ever so slick yet filled with a smart wit that only a Jedi can pick up…fine we will stop watching Star Wars reruns! Anyways back to the article, here are ten reasons why working in the retail industry rocks!
1. Staff discounts…sorry but we had to cut to the chase, sometimes there is one massive upside to a job that stands out and this is it.
2. Getting to know your products, yes, becoming an expert at something is often done when one has to do it on a first hand and practical basis.

3. Being creative, as seen in the movie Be Kind Rewind, when one has a lack of products on offer one has to be able to be creative and in this case make one's own product offering.
4. Uniforms, okay there are uniforms and then there are uniforms, for instance the uniform in the TV series
5. Breaks, for once use the system. When told you have a break use the break, it’s a great time to relax and interact with your fellow employees perhaps strategies on sales pitches too.
6. Stock Take! It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. It’s more team building then counting products!
7. Customers, okay some customers can be a headache but most are cool enough to have a chat with. If you are looking to learn how to network and develop your interpersonal skills then this is the way to go.
8. Stepping stones, retail is not just a great breeding ground for tomorrows business pioneers but is also an industry that allows people to building a solid career future in a sustainable environment. Where there is a demand there will always be a need for sales and retail is an illustration of this.
9. Getting to wear the Darth Vader costume on Star Wars Dress up day! Okay that only happens at FirstStep.me but still all retail stores should have Star Wars dress up days!
10. Rex Manning Day…enough said.
So there you go ten reasons why a career in the retail industry rocks and if you still need more reasons then check out the following cool movies:
The Benchmark: Empire Records!
The runner up: High Fidelity, check out IMDb.com for more on this awesome John Cusack classic!
Finally the Obi Wan Kenobi of retail movies to watch: Star Wars!...okay fine it's not a movie about the retail industry but if you work in an uber cool Music/DVD retail store you could sell them and push for the store manager to play it on the display units the whole day…ahh the perfect blissful work environment.