Channel searching, a favourite past time of many a young individual, sometimes it can lead to a lot more than just mind numbing TV watching. For instance whilst watching the Food Channel you come across Nigella baking a storm, a scary guy called Gordon cursing and a mild mannered Jamie making herbs look edible. You carry on flicking to the all-time classic Fawlty Towers series which makes you wonder what running a hotel would be like! As the mind boggles, the TV show Chef starts and belligerently you want to become the leader of a kitchen commanding your troops to prepare the absolute quintessential meal.

From TV shows your channel hopping moves to the blockbusters that dominate today’s movie channels. You start off with an animated feature about a rat that loves to cook and you end off your TV journey with a late night movie of Steven Segal deciding that becoming a cook in the army is a better alternative to being a Navy Seal.
You go to sleep dreaming of becoming a chef and at the same time managing a loony employee called Manuel. You wake up with a gust of energy that makes you not only want to start your own Hotel Empire but become a culinary expert as well. It’s a form of new age pop career, mixing business, food and martial arts (well knife skills that is but you know what we saying). So how does one become the Bruce Lee of the Hospitality industry (okay the team has been watching too much Iron Chef!), we checked online and found the International Hotel School has a large number of solutions and information that might just suit your aspirations and help give you some better insight into the industry!
Becoming a Chef!
From food preparation to kitchen management the school offers three awesome qualifications:
1. Three Year Diploma in Professional Cookery and Kitchen Management
2. One Year Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts (City & Guilds)
3. A traineeship in Professional Cookery.
Running and managing a Hotel/establishment…well anywhere one can be hospitable that is! From Accounting to practical experience’s in 4 and 5 star establishments then a Three year Diploma in Hospitality Management is cool way to tackle the industry!
Further the school offers the following traineeship in hotel management as well!
The Hotel School traineeship program is run on the concept of an apprenticeship. Now that’s super cool.
Throw into the mix the START, Skills and Part time study programs which not only give individual’s more flexible options but also provide well rounded training.
So if you are into a high octane sort of career then maybe becoming a race car driver is the way to go, whoops wrong career, we get distracted at like that very easily…we blame Jenson Button! Anyways if you keen to have a go at creating superb master pieces in the kitchen or have a keen eye for the hotel business then maybe give a hospitality career a shot! Who knows maybe next time that will be you cooking up a storm on the cooking channel!
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