One industry that can cater for the whole planet one country at a time is the Travel Industry. From air travel to cruise ships, the industry is catering for an ever growing market with needs that range from globe trotting to business adventures. Facing expansive plans with projects such as the Virgin Galactic about to kick start soon we take a look at ten reasons why working in the travel sector rocks!
1. Becoming an airline pilot: yes getting your pilots license is an awesome gateway to the travel industry. From domestic to international destinations, a commercial pilots license is not only your first step into an adventure with wings but to a professional career with major opportunities.

Companies and schools with Commercial Pilot Training Programs:
43 Air school: (Based in South Africa)
Singapore Flying College: (owned by Singapore Airlines)
Airline Academy of Australia: (based in Queensland Australia)
Cool Website: Best Aviation has a directory of some of the best flight schools from around the world!
2. Working as a cabin crew: okay ushering people around doesn’t sound like the most glamorous thing to do but why not look at the bright side of it, destination to destination is now just a hop skip and a jump away!
Check out various airlines as most of the Cabin Crew Training is done in-house!
Singapore Airlines  
Emirates Airlines  
Virgin Atlantic  
South African Airways  
British Airways 
Cool Websites: From jobs, courses and information this is the all in one Cabin Crew website! 

The Movie: View from the top, has more!
3. A Travel Agent: Placing people on flights isn’t as easy as it sounds, from negotiating to cost cutting your business skills will definitely be put to the test!
Check out - The Travel Academy: Based in Minnesota, USA.
4. Air Traffic controllers: are responsible for managing the safety of the flight paths of airplanes, it may sound easy but it takes dedication and super concentration.
Check out what Wikipedia has to say about the career!
The Film:
Pushing Tin, great movie, great cast, just great!
5. Working on board a cruise liner: sure you watched Titanic and the silly vessel sank buts that because it hit a big Iceberg, which because of global warming is probably not an issue today…okay that was in poor taste! However imagine getting to travel across the world on a giant boat that’s basically is one huge hotel on water, now that’s going to rock.
The websites!
Cruise Lines Jobs!
All Cruise jobs:
Also be careful of fly by night placement agencies!
And just in case they get up upset about the Global Warming comment, check out Green Peace…
From pilots to travel agents the next step is the space tourist, which is literally one step away…wonder if Neil Armstrong thought it was his first step that created that, get it “first step” okay that was definitely cheesy. However check out the Virgin Galactic website on their project that will enable the concept of space tourism becoming more of a future everyday occurrence!