Who is winning?
The progression of life is amazing, in the modern age we have seen the world become a smaller vehicle with a bigger mindset. Factors ranging from the environment to the global economy to even warfare have taken drastic twists and turns. As the world changes and adapts to new ways of thinking, so do the needs of the career aspiring individuals that are now driving the future of the planet.

From a career system that was dominated by “a study to learn to apply-methodology”, individuals found stability in careers that offered security with rigidness. The stereotypical careers of becoming a lawyer, a doctor and an accountant (what we call the  LAD system) where favoured because they offered permanence and a specialization. However the progression of careers has evolved a lot quicker, with external forces like media and the economy being major influences, the need for popularity and fast money has become a growing trend in careers. With these sorts of influences a new dynamic has begun and that is the birth of what we call Pop careers.  
Here is a list of Pop careers that we have found are beginning to take the working world by storm:
1. Becoming a business. Yes starting your own business has become even more popular than ever. Individuals now look at themselves as business entities ahead of actually being called entrepreneurs. With the likes of Branson taking on the concept of being and living the brand, its no wonder people want to start their own companies.

2. Becoming a chef.  With reality TV biting on the heels of the public, no better career has been more expressed than becoming a chef in this platform, from old school cooking shows whereby the concept of becoming a chef was originally conceived, reality television has now taken this Pop career to the next level. If Trump’s sharpness in his sacking of individuals was food for thought how about Gordon Ramsey screaming his lungs out at individual’s horrible attempts of making a meal. You get to cook and shout at people…now we talking!
Check out the websites of Nigella LawsonGordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver whom seem to be setting the benchmark in this field.
3. The music industry has taken a huge boost in their careers department with TV shows like Pop Idol and Britain’s Got Talent, individuals are becoming more creative in their choice of careers. People are now inspired to starting a musical or entertainment career based on the platform that ordinary and everyday sort of folk enter these shows and win. The possibility of a music career is now more readily available even if they have to do it without a reality TV Show as the way forward, its all about seizing an opportunity and making it count!
4. A career using the Internet: a platform to network, launch and investigate ideas.
Though the internet is an actual media platform, it can be seen as a career avenue. People are able to create and monetize themselves along with their businesses on something that is non tangible as well as dynamic. Exciting and wonderful, businesses like Google, Twitter and Facebook are paving the way forward for a fascinating medium that is quite literally where the TV industry was in the 1970’s.
5. Finally being creative. In an era where voicing ones opinion and thinking out the box has become acceptable. Individuals are now exploring new avenues with their career aspirations, concepts of becoming astronauts (via the tourist astronaut route) or documenting adventures using websites to even writing screenplays for films. Of course the most popular creative route is to freelance ones skills because it allows the individual more time to be even more creative…yes gets you thinking doesn’t it! Well it’s now acceptable to do these things, because the argument is, for years very hyped up individuals where in the creative club and now with the delivery of a microscopic media system we find that these people are not so different to anyone else, so their job specs are very attainable! Why not give it bash and write that Oscar winning screenplay.
Diablo Cody did and she won an Oscar for it too!
At the end of the day the race between Pop careers and the Lad system is actually constructive, because it brings balance to the careers market, you need individuals doing the day to day run of the mill type jobs, because they set the foundation for the actual careers market. Without the LAD system the Pop careers system couldn’t exist and without Pop Careers the individuals in the LAD system won’t have anything to keep them entertained even if it’s that crazy tone deaf singer auditioning for that reality music show.  
So which group do you fall into the LAD system or maybe you are a Pop careers person, who knows maybe you are both? Sort of like a superhero, journalist by day spider web shooting crime fighter by night. Now that’s a balanced LAD-Pop career!