The President of a country: Who cares what nation you are in charge of but the title alone is super cool. Surely your business card would rock!
Find out more on the following presidents, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela on their respective websites!
A professional Sportsman: Any sportsman, a racing car driver, an ice hockey player, a basketball player, even a tennis player the list goes on. Its all about having fun and getting paid to play sport!
ESPN has more on the industry!
A samurai warrior…okay just kidding but that would be so sweet! Check out the Last Samurai on
A superhero (okay we get it…you like superhero’s!): Yeah but saving the world and cheerleaders it’s such a cool job we can’t resist!

Marvel comics has more on being a superhero!
An architect: because we like buildings and we like trends, so creating trendy buildings should be quite adventurous. Wikipedia has more on the career.

An author: a lot of time as well as effort goes into writing books and telling stories. Even so creating fantastic foxes and boy wizards has to be a ball of fun!
Find out more about Roald Dhal and J.K. Rowling, two great writers of recent times!
A journalist: from photography to writing reports on current affairs where there is life, there is news and where there is news there is a story to be reported!
One movie which sets the benchmark…All the Presidents men.
One of the pit crew for a formula one racing team: changing a tire at record pace has never been this cool to do!
Youtube shows us how it’s done!  
A doctor: there are never enough doctors in the world, we could do with more. Can't beat the intro music to ER!  
A teacher or lecturer: with good teachers and lecturers the world can learn a little better everyday!  
The film Dead Poets Society shows teaching to its limits - Carpe Diem... 
Jackie Chan’s Stunt double: Mainly because he does most of his own stunts so it wouldn’t mean much work and you can be on a film set the whole day, so awesome!

Where do we start…Youtube has some cool Jackie Chan Clips and this one with a stunt double well!