Coca-Cola : Because they make soft drinks, have cool ad campaigns and you can probably find their product in places where water is scarce, now that’s cool!
NASA : They send people to the moon (even though that maybe off the cards soon)…but heck there is always Mars to look forward too.
Virgin : A company that caters for everyone’s needs, now have decided to go further and even cater for one's dreams by sending them to the moon, now that’s rad!
Check out Virgin Galactic!

Pixar : They bring imagination, thoughts, ideas and dreams to life in a world of animated fiction, if that makes any sense then a career in animation is surely a place for you!  
Warner Brothers : Big Hollywood Blockbuster movies, this is the company that produces, markets and distributes the shows and epics that keep us entertained.
Empire and Rolling Stone : Two separate magazines, two separate industries with one common factor they are uber cool publications!
Google : The online snowballing giant, they don’t stop growing and dominating the online world. There is Google and then there’s the rest of the world wide web.
Sony : They make awesome gadgets and keep the world on it's toes with new technology, you have to love it!
Nike : a great pay off line, throw in a tick (not the funny insect that can bite you and give you a fever) and you have an instant mix of a brand that literally covers and clothes the world.