So you got skills, you can cook up a storm or maybe you can battle your way through a board game without blinking. How about riding a bicycle, ever though how these simple skills can actually lead to a career well we did…
1. Cooking…become a chef: yes, you like food, the smell, the taste and even the look of it makes people happy. So why not take those culinary skills and put them to use.
Cool place to study: The International Hotel School .
Also check out: Cooking Schools,
The book: Cook with Jamie
2. Solving mysteries…so you think you a master of the board game Clue, then take it to the next level and become an Investigator!
Wikipedia’s take on Criminology:  
Cool Place to study: University at Albany, State University of New York
EHow: How to become a crime scene investigator!
The TV Show: Crime Scene Investigation also known as CSI .

The Youtube Clip:
Horatio Caine one liners from CSI Miami you don’t get better than this!
The book - Inspector Singh: Conspiracy Most Foul
3. It’s just like riding a bicycle…well if you can ride one why not try it professionally! Become a Mountain Biker! 

Check out WikiHow’s article on How to Become a Good Mountain Biker!  
The website:  
Mountain Bike:  
The professional: Niki Gudex an Aussie Professional Mountain Biker and yes she models as well…check out her website! 
The interview: We talked to Daniel Alvarez Villa on his career as a Down Hill Mountain Biker!
The Youtube clip: yip the one where Daniel crashes …can you say ouch. Don’t try this at home, in your garden or anywhere! Actually after seeing this, maybe think twice about this career!