I want to be a Brand Manager SLASH Marketing Manager

Branding, its all about being seen and known! Without it brand knowledge/education would be non-existence. There are people responsible for getting your attention to focus on brands alone! These people are known as Brand Managers or Marketing Managers…
From a basic concept of product placement to huge Television advertising campaigns, marketing managers are responsible for creating an extended reach to their potential consumers and current users. It’s a simple equation of a user having more knowledge of the benefits of a product/service which allows them to choose the one they are more enticed to do so over its competition. This is done by pricing, packaging, placement and awareness. By creating a larger reach, the marketing manager now creates a greater opportunity for a bigger revenue stream.

Marketing managers are not degree specific, you don’t have to be a specialist to pursue a career as a marketing manager, but you would want to be creative, have solid communication skills and have the ability to sell. So if you have a legal degree, a philosophy degree or even an engineering degree you can be a marketing manager, it really depends on the individual. Of course people with business backgrounds in Marketing and Management are well suited for this industry but the market (no pun intended) is literally open for various streams of qualified individuals to command a lead as a marketing/brand manager.
From FMCG’s, Legal Firms, to Oil Companies, every company has a brand that needs to be pushed and promoted in the right manner. Sometimes individuals are the actual brands themselves, people like Richard Branson are their own brand managers, as they live, breathe and are the brand at the same time. So their every action has an affect on their “brand”.
Ways in which one can become a Brand Manager/ Marketing Manager:
1. Apply for a position at a company in their Public Relations or Marketing department.
2. Become the brand yourself, i.e. build your own profile and represent yourself.
The Movies:
Crazy People: Dudley Moore at his best! An advertising executive going "gaga" over a girl and his crazy pay off lines for big brands just adds a touch of looney. A classic old school movie!
The Literature:
Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes, In this breakthrough book, Hughes offers a practical guide to the art of successful buzz marketing. He explores the six secrets of great word-of-mouth campaigns and shows how any company can thrive by pursuing a buzz-driven strategy.