If you love food like we do here at First Step you’ll love the career for this week. Most people consider cooking an annoying necessity in life they don’t enjoy partaking in. For a small few though, the passion translates into a career. For those looking for an entry into the career creativity is key as well as a keen sense of taste and smell. If is important to remember that a chef is defined as a person who cooks professionally. In a professional kitchen setting, the term is used only for the one person in charge of everyone else in the kitchen, the executive chef. You might need to start off putting the sauce on a couple hundred deserts but if you’re good enough, you could be head chef in no time.

After acquiring a qualification a good place to start would be large catering companies. Once you have some experience a restaurant would be the next step. Those with some credibility and awards tend to move into opening their own restaurants.
Check out : International Hotel School
What to watch!
Ratatouille: An animated film about a rat that wants to become a chef in Paris. Light entertainment for the whole family.
The literature:
There are more cooking books out there than houses with lights out in South Africa. Any decent book store will have an entire section dedicated to the topic.