Our latest voting poll suggests that the worlds greatest Investigator was found out to be Inspector Clouseau!
As he stumbled his way to the top of the list, Clouseau took out some major competition. Dashing the hopes of the CSI team and Magnum Pi! However Scooby Doo, Sherlock Holmes and Droopy Master Detective made a good go out of it! It was the surprising escapades of Jessica Fletcher who brought up the tail and actually got more votes than expected!

Here are the results:
1. Inspector Clouseau with 32,7% of the votes
2. The CSI Team with 24,3% of the votes
3. Magnum Pi with 10,5% of the votes
4. Scooby Doo with 10,2% of the votes
5. Sherlock Holmes with 8,6% of the votes
6. Droopy Master Detective with 7,9% of the votes
7. Jessica Fletcher from Murder she wrote with 5,8% of the votes
The clues are out there…check you at the next vote!