Q: Hi I would like to find out more about working at the Starbucks Coffee Company? I currently work at a coffee shop in South Africa and would like to see how they operate in the USA, please can you send me details of visa requirements and Starbucks job opportunities.
A: Firstly check out the Starbucks website, http://www.starbucks.com, it’s a really big brand and this website captures everything you need to know about Starbucks. Secondly Starbucks is a global franchise and they operate in various parts of the world, so if you don’t win with the USA look at their other operations globally.

The Starbucks website has a full career centre facility so you can browse through available jobs and any openings that you may be suitable for. Further drop them an email and tell them what you wish to do and hopefully you may get some luck with a positive response.
Regarding a visa and working permanent, probably the best bet would be to take on a working holiday visa. It would be quicker and there are placement agencies which are designed to help you. So whether you off to the States, Australia, the UK, Spain, wherever these companies should help you out. Explain to them what you wish to do and they will advise you correctly.
Good luck with this truly awesome idea.
Useful links:
Starbucks Career Centre: http://www.starbucks.com/careers
Student Flights: http://www.studentflights.com