Q: I’m currently looking for a job, perhaps at a restaurant. I would like you to help me by giving me some names of agencies or websites that may help me.  I don’t have any restaurant experience.
A: There are a number of routes you may want to take when looking for a job at a restaurant, for example. Be proactive and go to a number of restaurants where you live and ask them if they are looking for any help and offering any jobs. You may find there is a position open for a waitron or a runner or even a dishwasher.

Job opportunities are also advertised in newspapers so be sure to check regularly if there are any jobs you may be suited for. As far as agencies are concerned there are a number that can be found online. These agencies sometimes require you to submit a CV. It may be beneficial for you to draw up a CV and submit your details on a particular website for as many jobs as possible that you feel you can perform. The more jobs you look for the better your chances are of finding employment.
The coolest website we found in this career area is one called Yummy Jobs!