One of the coolest moments in life is the realisation of what one really wants to do. It's those “that’s what I want to do when I grow up!” moments that makes life so awesome! No matter when that moment strikes you or how it struck you, it’s still a cool feeling! For many people that moment leads to becoming a CHEF!

There are many different types of Chefs, they vary from being a head chef, a master chef, a chef de partie and even a pastry chef (these are just a few to mention). The idea of becoming a chef has been extremely popularised over the last few years. With the rise of people like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and James Martin, followed by hit Television shows like Chef starring Lenny Henry and the BBC Food Channel, the industry has become well established in popular culture.
The career of being a chef can be extremely cool and at the same time challenging (however which career or job isn’t). A few duties of a chef include supervision of cooks, planning menus, the preparation of meals, managing kitchen staff, planning special meals and even the demonstration of culinary techniques.
One can be employed as a chef in hotels, on ships, in restaurants and even at an airline. There a lot more areas where a chef can be employed although they all simply point into one major direction, FOOD!  So wherever you are working or for whom ever you are working you are always going to be dealing with food. (FirstStep says nicely done! We at FirstStep have big respect for food and the people who make it!).
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The International Hotel school 
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The television series Chef, starring Lenny Henry, very funny and it shows the funny side of being a chef.
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