Our world is a landscape of design.  Everywhere you look, everything we touch. From skyscrapers, graffiti, fashion, movies, technology platforms, advertising, even the interior of vehicles!  Where there is an idea, wherever there is an object, there is a design aspect, and it can be created. Welcome to the creative world of design!

What is Design? It is the movement from an idea, to a concept, to achieve a purposeful goal.

Where does it exist? Everywhere! The Planet is Your Canvas!

What are the various areas of design that individuals can specialise in?

Design is infinite. A person can design any number of things. From the Burj Al Arab building in Dubai, through the makeup and costume designs in Michael Jackson's Thriller video, and Darth Vader’s outfit,  to even the person who decided to change the colour of PC’s from beige, to literally any other colour but beige! The Design Industry plays a major role in everyday life. The scope and range for applying your creativity is truly vast and filled with incredible opportunities.

These include:

Architectural and Interior Design

Textile, Fashion, Jewellery, Furniture, Fine Arts and Floral

Gaming, Software, Interaction and Web

Instructional, Communication and Service

Costume, Makeup, Set, Television, Film, Lightning, Photographic, Exhibition and Display

Engineering, Process and Industrial / Commercial

Graphic, Visual, Digital, Animation, Multimedia Applied, Illustration, Interior Decorating

Product and Merchandise

Landscape and Urban