People, things and happenings that creatively rocked the design industry!

As the world evolved so did the creative thinking of many! With the rise of technology, thoughts and ideas have become faster to outlay in either physical, visual or representative terms. We look at ideas that have been brought to life and have rocked the planet creatively….

1. The Online Platform Revelation – the rise of the internet: It's almost impossible to even imagine, the sheer colossal magnitude of the internet with its volume of knowledge, highlighted with its capacity for communication and sharing. Not forgetting its accessibility, which is just a tap on a keyboard or a swipe on a screen away. From designers showcasing their work, to the impact of open source platforms, along with a little thing called social media, its incredible ability to express, can best be described as the Digital Canvas for a Creative Generation. The scary part is the planet still hasn't utilised it to its fullest potential as yet. A prime example: YouTube, where everybody can become a filmmaker, and where just a mobile phone is all you need to make you famous!

2. Making electric cars look awesome - It’s a simple yet confusing equation - fixed amount of petrol and oil, minus increasing number of petrol based, fuel guzzling, vehicles of all shapes, hues, and sizes, equals steadily approaching end to time left to use these machines! The obvious solution to look at alternative sources of energy/fuel/power! Electricity seems to be leading the field because its an already existing solution although it comes with its own set of pros and cons! Sparking endless debates and lobbying. However, the design of an electric sports car version, was nothing short of pure genius in swaying those individuals doubting it’s future. Tesla has done it, with a dynamic racing machine that competes with its petrol cousins. Its made electric, sexy!

3. Art in a spray can - What was once seen as a form of rebellion, and almost antisocial participation is now considered Art! Graffiti is a streetwise art form, you can even take courses in it – sweet! Graffiti is broad, encompassing many forms from tagging to revolutionary slogans - its all there it's awaiting to be unleashed from inside a can. Great examples:  Something artistic, with an expression, and a statement to be made, then look at any of Banksy's stuff. Also something fun, Graffiti Creator, it’s the not the real thing but it’s super cool!

4. Creative technology - And for those who failed art class – Photoshop was created, and that’s just a tiny drop in the ocean of all the cool, creative technology, that is out there. Check out Adobe and Apple for more!

5. Animation - if a Panda can do Kungfu then anything is possible: Giving life in a flowing form, function, and movement to a drawing is almost magically! From a musical train driving mouse,  a magician's apprentice, tap dancing penguins, that Panda who kick butt, and a whole bunch of other universes - wherein anything is possible, the animation world has grown in massive strides. Back in the day, well, around a hundred years ago, almost, Walt Disney started something special with animated, feature films. From there, it got real, (well, almost real, as it's still animated), with animated feature films regularly topping the Box-office top earners list. The only question is: how long until an animated feature win best film at the Oscars? Check out Pixar, Marvel and Disney!

6. Times Square - A digital, colourful, bright, bold, and all encompassing advertisers' dream! An iconic landmark, literally awash with neon and commercial desires. If you can turn the side of a building into a visual spectacular, than enough said! NYC Tourist has more.

7. The Visual Affects of Movies - The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and of course, Star Wars, are just three small examples of how designers in film have captured an audience's imagination, with detailed production, in areas of costume, makeup design, artwork, and of course, special effects. The visual arts and cinematic history, is littered with iconic images, all of which were designed by artistic individuals. Scenes featuring Pacino dancing, Monroe in that dress on a sidewalk, and Brando crying in the rain – will never be forgotten. Everything in a movie is created, designed, crafted to promote an interpretation. It's truly genius, and it can be an incredible art form.

8. The genius - the ability to manifest creativity, to see something incredible in the common, to reshape and revitalise the conventional. The genius: Without people like Leonardo da Vinci the world would be missing a heartbeat of creativity. Paving the way for artists, designers and creative magicians everywhere. From fashion designers like Gabrielle "Coco" Bonheur Chanel to artists like Roy Lichtenstein, the world is laced with designers of great minds with new ones being born everyday – everywhere. Creative genius, simply put, is how you use the world around you, now; the rest is up to you.