Despite Ice Ages, Global Warming, World Wars, and a lot of really awful pop tunes, this planet became a pretty cool place to live on. When thinking of great people, the mind usually wanders towards politics, and groundbreaking discoveries, like Nelson Mandela, or Marie Curie. For example, the last person on the planet we'd think of, would be Mike Myers, but no one can deny the greatness rather awesomeness of Austin Powers, or Wayne’s World for that matter!

However some great individuals took cool ideas, and implemented them to make even cooler products, shaping environments, and changing perspectives. From space age, ultra modern cars, to artwork so breathtaking, to be virtually priceless, and fashion that makes people drool and envy, while others raise a conservative eyebrow.

On such a planet, where style was created and optimised, a few individuals stand out as trendsetters, that this world can, and will, never forget...

• Free your mind - Leonardo da Vinci: Thinking about life differently, in a time when the planet needed inspiration. He created incredible pieces, making sure the world would remember his name and work, forever! Check out his Fan Page on Facebook!

• A fashion statement that led to an icon - Coco Chanel: Providing an example, that the world is an equal place to compete, this French pioneer brought attitude, style, and charisma to the world of fashion - check out

• Polka Dots became super cool - Yayoi Kusama: This Japanese artist showed the East to the West, but did so with colourful impressions!

• Defining Pop Art into a Pop Culture - Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein: two leaders in the rise of modern art into a popular format. They became rock stars, in a time when they easily could have been called pop stars… (okay, we agree, that's the worst of the year!)

• Taking buildings into the universe, and beyond - Zaha Hadid and Tom Wright – if buildings were made to be extraordinary and beyond imagination, then these two are definitely part of the generation that has made this true!

(and definitely worth a mention Frank Lloyd Wright!)

• She helped us believe that blue people, like Smurf blue, could be real - Deborah Lynn Scott: Behind major film sets are makeup, and costume designers. She helped bring movies, like Avatar, to life.

• Creating puppets into Muppets - Jim Henson: Taking a basic, ordinary puppet, and creating what has now grown into the biggest “puppeteering” brand, of all time. Designing puppets that have personality, takes skill!

• Illustrations, animations, and comics - Albert Uderzo, Walt Disney and Frank Miller: They come from opposite ends of the creative spectrum in terms of content, but, they are, oh, so brilliant.