Two of the most popular in the hospitality industry

Lodging includes: Managers / Hoteliers / Owners, Business support staff / Administrators in various fields; (finance, marketing, secretarial, assistants, etc.), and Operational individuals, such as: reception, cleaning, concierge, etc.

Culinary – it’s a hierarchy of sorts!

In the kitchen…

1. The "Big Boss", a.k.a. The Chef! They are in charge of everything that is within eye and ear shot! Commonly referred to as the Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, and Head Chef.

2. The Second in Command is the Sous Chef.

3. The Chef de Partie,  is the person who manages a particular section, or station, in a professional kitchen.

4. Commis, They are starting to work their way through the Chef-kingdom, (okay, we made that word up, but it sounded better than mere apprentices in the hood!)

5. The kitchen assistant, one who prepares food!

In the actual restaurant, café or bar, the opportunities include waiters or waitresses, maître d’, bartenders, floor managers, cleaners, etc. Also, don’t forget the Sommelier,  they are the person in charge of the wine.This is an interesting job, as it requires a vast knowledge of wine and the ability to separate the good spirits, from the bad as well as which wine compliments various food combinations.