The Hospitality Industry: Welcome to the spicy mix of food, culture, business and people!

Whether it is cooking up a storm, dealing with some wacky, out of the box clientele, or making sure the business is running like clockwork, – the daily life in the Hospitality Industry is an eventful one, which is nothing less than a spicy one!

What is the Hospitality Industry?  

It is a service industry, which is made up of various hosting setups that manage and cater for customer or guests requests.

What are the various types of set-ups in the Hospitality Industry?

1: Lodging – Hotels, Guest houses / Bed and Breakfast (B&B), Backpackers, Motels, Hostels, Lodges, and Recreational Spas and Retreats, not forgetting the Couch Surfing hosts!

2: Culinary -Restaurants, Café’s, Takeaways, Bars, and Catering Services.

3: Specialised Hosting - Events, Venues, Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings.

4: Popular - Entertainment, Transport, Travel, and Tourism.

Career Opportunities:The world of Hospitality is one that fits seamlessly with virtually all other industries. Every business, at some stage, needs to be hospitable, and that's where you come in! From working on cruise liners, airlines, game lodges, casino’s, and concert venues, to offering a tour guide service, concierge, personal support services -  the scope and opportunities are immense!