People who have rocked the Hospitality Industry:

From Hotel moguls to chefs, with their own TV shows. The Hospitality Industry is laced with rock stars, who have gained celebrity status, for their awesome display of effectiveness, in their fields.  From people, as traditional as Martha Stewart who became a household name to the likes of Jamie Oliver, who introduced the worlds’ youth to the concept of cooking and, not  forgetting Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, and, of course, Conrad Nicholson Hilton, who cemented the idea of a mainstream brand for hotels.

Setting a trend:

Aqua – A multi-award winning restaurant that is getting  massive global recognition for its energy and creativity!

Television shows and films, which have made the hospitality industry, just a little bit more scrumptious!

From channels dedicated to food, and the culinary arts, to the mastery of television shows, like Iron Chef. Now, there's even a reality TV show, about cakes! TV and Film have created an interesting avenue for individuals to gain insight into the hospitality industry. With Reality television, obviously an endless stream of content, we looked at the fictional tales that have produced some epic tales, in this cultural hotpot of an industry! Here are our choices - you can find out more on!

Chef! (TV Show): An inside look of a restaurant’s kitchen, with a Chef, who is louder than most words. Very British and ever so funny!

Fawlty Towers (TV Show): The oddball adventures of one of the world's most famous, fictional hotels.

Kitchen Confidential (TV Show): A great show that takes the daily happenings of a restaurant, to unbelievable levels. Why did it only last one season?!

Ratatouille (Film): A tale of a rat, who loves to cook. An animated masterpiece!

Pan Am (TV Show): It didn't do well on the ratings, but, it provides a glimpse into the travelling life of working in the airline industry.

Las Vegas (TV Show): The hospitality of working in a casino has never been as adventurous as portrayed on this successful show!

Music and the hospitality industry:

Ever been in a hotel lift, and wondered why the music is so calming? Well, after the Eagles made Hotel California, music in hotels became a little less intense, and happier!

Cool resources for the Hospitality Industry!

Because knowing more, is better…

Online Resources, for starters!

•To eat or not to eat, that is the question… (Okay, very bad tag-line, but still, a little funny!). If you're going to eat at the best restaurants,  then you might as well work at the best. Follow the happenings and rankings of the planet’s best restaurants, because learning from the best, is never a bad thing. Check out The World's 50 Best Restaurants!

• CEOWORLD Magazine's 2015 Top 50 Hospitality And Hotel Management Schools from around the planet.

• Online recruitment platforms for the Hospitality industry - and - super awesome!

•A Rock Star Cook. Popular, commercial and bringing a much needed youthfulness, to this old, staid, traditional industry! His name, Jamie Oliver…check out his official website!