The basics of food *Image credit: Shutterstock, Inc © Lasse Behnke

The basics of food *Image credit: Shutterstock, Inc © Lasse Behnke

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According to the World Food Programme (, “Hunger Kills more people every year than Aids, malaria and tuberculosis combined.”

What lessons can be learnt from Rock Star Chefs in solving world hunger.

Many, and I mean many, moons ago cavemen hunted and gathered their way to sustenance. Survival was indeed the priority of prehistoric times, while cooking was quite simply down to the raw basics!

As the Earth’s population advanced so did its appetite. From home cooking, gourmet restaurants and fast food chains, food has become less of a matter of sustenance and survival but more of an everyday way of life.

Yet poverty still exists on a planet so advanced that it is actually unfathomable to think that in mere seconds one is able to obtain a fully cooked meal. Sadly though this is the world we live in, where even the basics have still not been made attainable to all.

The amazing part of the food and culinary industry is that there has been an enormous growth and popularity in the representatives of this industry. With the modern day Chef taking the spotlight as a rock star of the industry.

It seems that if a Chef doesn’t have their own television show, series of cook books, social media following and a large chain of their own restaurants, well then they haven’t quite made it. As it turns out there seems to be a bunch of Chefs flying around these days who have all of those things!

Artists in their own right, their product offerings are often masterpieces. And everyone wants a piece of the pie – excuse the pun. In reality, the modern day Chef has taken the basics of food and turned it into an industry that is setting trends.

As the planet seeks nourishment, it is perhaps interesting to note that nothing has really changed since the days of the caveman. The world is naturally hungry, whether it is below the poverty line or above it, the concept is that food is still food.

If the modern day Chef can build culinary empires from the basics of food, surely as a planet we can solve world hunger. Their example of being able to do so much with something so basic is perhaps the biggest assurance that as a planet we can solve this ongoing battle against world hunger.