The journey of a tech startup on a mission

The company: groupXS (

Where it is all happening: based in Bayreuth in Northern Bavaria, a place famous for the musical works of Richard Wagner and home to the Bayreuth University, comes two young programmers on a mission to energise the education sector with technology.

The team: groupXS was created by Tobias Hertkorn and Peter Sacchet. Their careers have stemmed from companies as large as Microsoft and across continents as far as Australia.

What they do: With tech development as their key focus, they have partnered together to find ways to improve education setups. Starting off with a European focus their goal is to be able to influence the globe.

The products: from an idea to a product to the delivery – most of their technology based offerings are mobile application and web based. Now in the current status of being in test phase, they maintain a protocol of harnessing quality products that will deliver various solutions which assist scholars, students, educators and institutions.

What to look out for: CloudZimmer - Stop wasting paper and start communicating! A communication platform to keep parents in the know when it comes to educational institutions. No need for paper it is all about fast and efficient communication.

What is awesome: Schulheld – a mobile application to help organise students and scholars with study and educational schedules.

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