Knowing the law is great! There are so many areas that one can go into the field of law and go about using their specialised knowledge. In the mid eighties the idea of becoming a lawyer was glamorised by the television show LA Law, people around the world noted that the reality of becoming a hot shot lawyer was not just a dream however a very achievable goal.

Being a lawyer allows an individual to branch out into various sectors of society. These sectors vary from Comparative Law, Environmental Law, Patent Law, Poverty Law and Legal Services, Tax Law, Criminal Law and Corporate Law.
In the last thirty to forty years Hollywood has churned out many a lawyer themed movie. The relation to the above and the intake of law students at universities is definitely related.
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….And Justice for All, Boston Legal, The Firm, LA Law, The Practice, Law and Order, JAG and Harts War.
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A Few Good Men, probably one of the best legal films ever!