Writing a book is never an easy process and with the growth of the online sector, forms of publishing have now developed further outside of the tried and tested traditional publishing routes. However at the root of a project lies the actual creation of content, a process that challenges many a writer - young or old. Gone are the days of typewriters and here are the days of the touch screen tablets – an avenue perhaps for many an aspiring young author to utilize. FirstStep.me spoke with author Annette Kinnear and found out some tips that could help a budding individual take the leap into a budding novelist!

“There are so many young people who would love to write but when we are young, we especially lack the confidence to do so. For anyone who dreams of writing a book it really is not that difficult, here are some tips to help kick-start your next writing adventure.”- Annette Kinnear

1. Follow your dreams and let no-one discourage you.

2. Don’t wait for perfect conditions or analyse till you paralyse. Work with what you have.

3. Find a topic you love and know something about so the passion will transfer to your reader. Readers are demanding and informed, if your material is unqualified, you will quickly be exposed.

4. Evaluate your priorities. If it is a priority, you will also find the time to engage with it.

5. Writing is a trade. There are certain formulas and principles you need to know such as writing styles and outlines, plot development and character consistency, pace and dialogue techniques. There are many good resources out there that you can learn from, ranging from websites, books and even courses.

6. Finish what you start. A manuscript is not a book and half a manuscript is nothing at all. Start it, commit to it and complete it. The energy you bring into the project is what will determine its outcome.

7. When your book is finished, more work awaits you. Think like a business person and actively promote your book so readers get to know about it.

8. Believe in your project. Just as you don’t like every painting and every book that is out there, so not everyone will be a fan of your writing. Don’t personalise negative feedback.

9. Celebrate the highs and don’t resist feeling sad during the lows. It’s part of the process.

You can find out more about Annette Kinnear and her latest books on her official website!

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