Conversations with a Headhunter - a career starter pack with Annette Kinnear

Chapter 2
Headhunter and author Annette Kinnear on how to setup oneself in the job market and what it takes to handle career challenges in the a challenging economic climate…
Are there basic guidelines or a “starter pack” that individuals should put together before entering the job market – and if so what are they?
It is a good idea to always have a CV up to date because speed is of the essence in the recruiting process. Every good CV is accompanied by written references that verify the statements of achievement in the resume. Copies of qualifications (degree, diploma, trade certificate) are also important and should always be on hand. In German speaking countries it is always expected to submit an individually formulated letter in respect of the position sought. This should be brief and to point, but be meaningful in terms of giving a little insight into your personal professional style.

Conversations with a Headhunter - a career in pursuit with Annette Kinnear

Conversations with a Headhunter - a career in pursuit with Annette Kinnear

Chapter 1 spoke to expert career Headhunter and author Annette Kinnear on what individuals should be looking for in terms of seeking employment.  
As a headhunter, what are the ways that you source talent?
Headhunting typically starts with creating a source list of existing contacts from the profession we seek, public profiles from the internet and the press, as well as target companies where we suspect we will find the right candidates.  We start telephoning the ‘warm’ contacts and request referrals. When these dry up, we go into the cold calling phase. We call up the candidates we have identified and give them a brief reason for our call. As quickly as possible, we establish basic suitability and interest levels. It is important that we can be sure the candidate is seriously interested, not merely ‘window shopping’ lest we waste our time. If the basic criteria is met, we request a resume and make an appointment for a personal or a further telephonic interview once the CV has been assessed.  

People, things and happenings that creatively rocked the design industry!

As the world evolved so did the creative thinking of many! With the rise of technology, thoughts and ideas have become faster to outlay in either physical, visual or representative terms. We look at ideas that have been brought to life and have rocked the planet creatively….

1. The Online Platform Revelation – the rise of the internet: It's almost impossible to even imagine, the sheer colossal magnitude of the internet with its volume of knowledge, highlighted with its capacity for communication and sharing. Not forgetting its accessibility, which is just a tap on a keyboard or a swipe on a screen away. From designers showcasing their work, to the impact of open source platforms, along with a little thing called social media, its incredible ability to express, can best be described as the Digital Canvas for a Creative Generation. The scary part is the planet still hasn't utilised it to its fullest potential as yet. A prime example: YouTube, where everybody can become a filmmaker, and where just a mobile phone is all you need to make you famous!

Our world is a landscape of design.  Everywhere you look, everything we touch. From skyscrapers, graffiti, fashion, movies, technology platforms, advertising, even the interior of vehicles!  Where there is an idea, wherever there is an object, there is a design aspect, and it can be created. Welcome to the creative world of design!

What is Design? It is the movement from an idea, to a concept, to achieve a purposeful goal.

Where does it exist? Everywhere! The Planet is Your Canvas!

What are the various areas of design that individuals can specialise in?

Design is infinite. A person can design any number of things. From the Burj Al Arab building in Dubai, through the makeup and costume designs in Michael Jackson's Thriller video, and Darth Vader’s outfit,  to even the person who decided to change the colour of PC’s from beige, to literally any other colour but beige! The Design Industry plays a major role in everyday life. The scope and range for applying your creativity is truly vast and filled with incredible opportunities.

Despite Ice Ages, Global Warming, World Wars, and a lot of really awful pop tunes, this planet became a pretty cool place to live on. When thinking of great people, the mind usually wanders towards politics, and groundbreaking discoveries, like Nelson Mandela, or Marie Curie. For example, the last person on the planet we'd think of, would be Mike Myers, but no one can deny the greatness rather awesomeness of Austin Powers, or Wayne’s World for that matter!

However some great individuals took cool ideas, and implemented them to make even cooler products, shaping environments, and changing perspectives. From space age, ultra modern cars, to artwork so breathtaking, to be virtually priceless, and fashion that makes people drool and envy, while others raise a conservative eyebrow.