Taking the steps to becoming an Engineer!
If you go online and type in a Google search “a career as an engineer” you will find loads of information about becoming an engineer!
From an electronic engineer, to a mechatronic engineer to even an investigative engineer, there are tons of options in this industry. So if you like building, creating and making things work then this could be the field for you…your very own real life Lego world!

The student job its there to pay for so many different things, from fees, travel and even social activities, it is so important to get the balance between study and work correct. Also ego's can take a bruising, because in a few years time you may be a high flying corporate executive or a fantastic lawyer, the key is to find a job that can help your ambitions in your future career! Here are seven student jobs with traits that can effectively boost your career:
1.Networking: The coffee shop assistant, learning to make coffee rocks, however it is possibly the best networking environment…if you can make good coffee you can make good friends! Check out Star Bucks.

1. The basics, getting into a call centre rocks, it’s where people build careers and literally start from the bottom and work their way through to the top.
2. Communication, if you have the gift of the gab then this is the start, think call centre today…tomorrow your own talk show. Okay maybe not your own talk show…but you never know.  

Graduate Recruitment at Ernst & Young South Africa!

What does it take to work at one of the biggest Accountancy Firms in the World? We spoke to Carin Stern (Ernst & Young, South Africa) to find out more about cracking the nod for a graduate position at Ernst & Young!
What are the various graduate opportunities that Ernst & Young offers, is there a full focus on the accountancy sector?
Our main focus is on students studying BCom accounting who intend on studying their Honours in Accounts in order to pursue the CA career option. They would then serve 3 years of articles with EY. Occasionally we do look for internal audit students – studying a degree and honours in internal audit and the same goes for IT students studying an IT degree and honours.  

From the kitchen to the front desk and behind the scenes of the office administration, the hospitality and culinary industries are more than just a challenge it’s an adventure! Learning to dodge flying knives, out of hand customers and managing working hours is a skilled art that makes this career path both challenging and all so adventurous.
Ruth Paulsen from the International Hotel School (based in South Africa), gives us the lowdown of both the hospitality and culinary careers market and why they are so well sort after!