Please can you direct me to information on where I can study teaching along with financial aid that is available for studying this qualification?
Most universities offer bachelor degree’s in higher education, have a look at our global universities section to view various institutions and the education qualifications they have on offer.
With regards to financial solutions contact the student aid department of the institution that you are studying at and speak to them about options available for your studies.

The Live Event IndustryWith Garth Green – National Training Manager for Gearhouse South Africa.
What is the Live Events Industry?
The Live Events Industry was derived from the Theatre. It ranges from Product Launches to Sporting Events. Wherever there is an ‘audience’ observing an event taking place, there lies the ‘Live Event Industry.’By introducing Lighting, Sound and Audio-Visual enhancement, the industry adds the ‘theatrical’ dimension to an event. It is this ‘theatrical’ element that makes the performer larger than life and so their message becomes more ‘real’.
Every event has a performer and an audience and through the event the performer has a message to be given over to the audience. Since the performer is not part of the context – the context has been removed – the message does not convey itself as well. Therefore, by placing the performer at the location where the context of the message is - selling a car where a car is usually sold (car showroom) and not in a theatre where is outside of its context - the sale becomes more powerful. Thus, the Live Events Industry tries to achieve the following objective: Locate the event where the ‘product’ is located or where it is to be used and then enhance the sale message through Lighting, Sound and Audio-Visual reinforcement to make it more ‘real’ in an ‘unreal’ way.  

What’s the difference between a bookkeeper, an accountant, a chartered accountant, a chartered certified accountant and an auditor?
Bookkeeping: is about recording of financial transactions – a book keeper is the individual who keeps records of all financial transactions within an organisation.

What is an articled clerk and what do article’s entail?
To be prepared for a challenging and often demanding career as a professional accountant, it is not sufficient to solely rely on theoretical knowledge developed through an exam process. Therefore a key component is to gain relevant practical experience; commonly referred to as articles. 

If I become an accountant does that guarantee me a job?
Within the finance sector, Accountancy has been identified by Government as a scarce and priority skill. South Africa, currently it is estimated that there is a shortage of approx 20,000 accountants. There are extremely good job opportunities for accountants however it is up to the individual learner to display the competences in order to be successful in securing a job – the qualification opens the door but it is for the individual to display his/her skills.