Knowing the law is great! There are so many areas that one can go into the field of law and go about using their specialised knowledge. In the mid eighties the idea of becoming a lawyer was glamorised by the television show LA Law, people around the world noted that the reality of becoming a hot shot lawyer was not just a dream however a very achievable goal.

Over the last few weeks FirstStep has been asked by a number of users on how to start their own business and make it a success. These are some of the toughest questions that have come our way so far!
Starting a business at first can be the most painful and trying experience of your life however it can definitely be the most rewarding experience. It all depends on a number of things, one your commitment to your idea and two your ability to convert that idea into working product or business.

Jamie Foxx is someone that proves a bit of hard work, intelligence and working smart can lead to success. From small beginnings Jamie has shown that never giving up can lead you from dreaming a goal to living the dream!

In every sport, and every team for that matter, there is always the unsung hero. The person who steadily gets by doing his job and, usually, is a solid performer week in and week out. This is most defiantly the case with André Watson. Although not a player, Watson was probably one of South Africa’s greatest rugby figures, as an international referee. He has achieved a feat no other referee in Rugby Union has come close to - officiating two Rugby World Cup finals. The fact that they were two consecutive tournaments is also a noteworthy accomplishment. His local and domestic refereeing record is remarkable as well. He was in charge of seven Currie Cup finals and five Super 12 finals.

Q: How useful is a qualification in Human Resources?

A: A qualification in Human Resources (HR) is very valuable. Almost all large companies make use of an HR official. They are highly important and help with the training and handling worker grievances and other such concerns. Most importantly, the HR official makes the most of the available human resources (labour / employees), which helps the company on the whole.